Wunder Talk #9

Assortment news.

We have started to update our assortment in shops across Europe to improve sales and stock items that we know your guests will love. Like a new range of wines that is better in quality and more suitable in size. But we’re also going to add a range of tapas after summer and introduce local beers in Germany. All these changes have been tested and can lift sales by 2%-3%.

A busy summer.

With the Euros in Germany, Olympics in France and Wimbledon in the UK there will be lots of movement in Europe over the summer. We can already see the effect of this in store. Sales are up everywhere and we’re making sure you are front row when it comes to taking advantage of the increased traffic in your hotel. Fun fact, it is not only the sporting events that are drawing in the crowds. 3 days of Taylor Swift in Paris resulted in 6x as much sales in our nearest shop in the city.