Wunder Talk #8

A cool idea.

After a successful trial in the Netherlands, we are rolling out our ice cream range in Germany and the UK. Participating hotels will receive a freezer unit which we will fill with the best of Unilever’s ice cream brands. The potential increase of shop turnover from selling ice cream can be as much as 3%. If you want to know more about adding ice cream to your shop, contact your account manager. Now all we need is sunshine!

Intelligent shelving.

Our shop intelligence team is responsible for analysing all our sales data, run tests and make recommendations that increase the performance of your shop. One of the physical optimisations that you will see this summer is a new shelving plan. But their work is also driving our decisions on dynamic pricing and shop promotions.

Proud ambassador for Made Blue.

Clean water should be available to everyone on this planet. Sounds simple but there are still many countries where people have to walk for hours to get water for their family. Water that is often polluted as well, resulting in many diseases and infant mortality. These people cannot work or go to school and therefore can never build a healthy life.

Wundermart is proud to be an ambassador for the Made Blue Foundation. A charity, working on behalf of more than 600 companies in Europe to provide access to clean drinking water and hygiene in developing countries.

By calculating the amount of water needed for producing the drinks we sell and giving that back to the people that need it most, we hope to make a difference. You can read all about the good work that Made Blue does on their website.