Wunder Talk #7

Planet-friendly mobile accessories.

After a successful pilot we have changed suppliers for our range of mobile accessories. Our new partner, Greenmouse, is on a mission to become the best available, most sustainable brand in phone accessories in the world. Greenmouse products are of high quality and come with less packaging. Both benefits that we know you and your guests are interested in. Read more at greenmouse.green

Selling ice cream in your shop.

Over the summer we offered our customers in the Netherlands the option to sell ice cream by adding a freezer unit to their shop. This range extension was the result of a partnership with Unilever who not only provided the products, but also created a loan agreement for the freezers. 

After analysing the data, we can now report that this move has resulted in 5% additional sales during summer. Which proves that ice cream is a welcome addition to our hotel assortment. We’re currently investigating how to proceed and roll this out internationally.

Our dedicated focus on hotel retail.

The Wundermart lobby shop has quickly become the standard in autonomous retail solutions for the hospitality industry. Our shops are welcoming, simple to use and attractive to look at. Yet making them successful is more complex than it seems. 

With our concept, we introduced a solution that operates at the heart of hospitality. The F&B service to guests. And given our success, it is only logical that hotels have considered opening a shop of their own. But while it sounds like a fun idea to run your own shop, the results will most likely not meet the expectations.

Since our launch in 2017, we have been exclusively dedicated to creating a product that works in a hotel environment. Maximising the success of a hotel shop and giving our customers complete peace of mind is all we care about. In simple terms, we have found that running a shop effectively takes three things. Focus, expertise, and data.

Our unique formula is built around the understanding of what guests need when they stay in a hotel. Our IP-protected tech and hardware ecosystem provides us with data to stock and replenish shops with essential items. But it doesn’t end there. To create upside for your shop we make sure it continually evolves. By innovating the technology, adding new products, moving with the seasons, dynamic pricing and running promotions.

We believe that a fully stocked, dynamic, 24/7 hotel shop should be a priority for any hotel business. But we realise that, given the market conditions, it is difficult for hotel staff to dedicate focus, time, and effort to this. That’s why we’re here. We make shops a success so our customers can focus on what they’re best at. Making guests feel at home while they are away.