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Full shelves for maximum results.

To be able to respond quicker to the increasing sales in shops, we have started to take the replenishment in our own hands. Over the last months we have connected shops in and around Amsterdam to our own distribution centre. We call this the HUB.

There are several advantages that come with more speedy and frequent deliveries. Of course, we minimise the risk of empty shelves and increase the opportunity to sell more. But next to that we can use our staff to take care of the shopkeeping tasks to make sure they are done frequently and accurately.

Initial results of the Amsterdam test have seen a significant uplift in sales and a reduction in errors in order completion and stock counting. For this reason, we will launch a HUB in more cities in the near future. If you want to find out where we will be able to offer this service, contact your account manager.

Easier access to shop performance.

Easy and quick access to the aggregated monthly results of your shop is of course one of the most important ways to show you how the shop performs. Our development team is working on new functionality that will integrate the shop P&L in your shop owner portal.

Once live this means that you’ll get access to your monthly shop performance quicker. Just after the month closes you will get an automatically generated email with the P&L of your shop. Over time we will add access to P&L reporting to your portal as well, so you can access it at any time from there.

Sustainability in our hands.

We are committed to creating a positive impact and long-term value for our customers, partners, people, the planet and society. Both internally and externally we are working on programs that have a positive impact on our environment. We have pulled together our latest review on where we stand in terms of avoiding unnecessary food and packaging waste, reducing use of materials and limiting energy & water consumption.

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