The green dot.

Our sustainability program the Green Dot consolidates our efforts to reduce the impact of our product on the environment. Below you can see our July update.

Sustainable build

of our shop.

One of the focus areas for our Green Dot program is the building process of our shops. Together with our partner Teamwork we look for ways to reduce our CO2 impact in every aspect of our shop build. That means for example assembling shop elements on site, not in their workshop. Or only using certified materials like PFC and water-based paint. Even the price tags are under construction so we can take out all the plastic we don’t need.


from PET.

Good news for our efforts to reduce the use of PET in the assortment of our shops. We have tested the effect of replacing soft drink bottles by cans and this is looking positive. The assortment of non-water drinks in our fridges is now almost plastic free.


by the glass.

Why sell beer in bottles if you can let your guests enjoy it freshly brewed? Together with Meininger Amsterdam Amstel we are going to trial a Beer Point. Guests of the hotel can buy beer by the glass and enjoy it in the lobby of the hotel. The success of this pilot will be tracked over a few months to see if it really is a better alternative.



Unfortunately, manufacturers still use a lot of secondary packaging which is collected in our hubs. Our team in Amsterdam has found a way to dispose of this in a more sustainable way. By installing a press they can collect, compress and convert 90% of this waste into recyclable material. These smaller packages take a lot less space in the trucks of our partners, which means less transport and therefore less CO2 emissions.

Contact us.

Our account management team is your first point of contact for any questions about our current and future Green Dot activities.

Do reach out to them if you have any questions.