Wundermart respects your privacy and does everything reasonably possible to handle your personal data correctly. Your personal data will be processed by Wundermart in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: GDPR) and national laws and regulations in the field of protection of personal data, including the Dutch GDPR Implementation Act (hereinafter: UAVG) and the Dutch Telecommunications Act (hereinafter: Tw). In this privacy statement, Wundermart explains how it handles your personal data.

Personal data will be stored by:

Company: Wundermart B.V.

Visiting address: Joan Muyskenweg 22

1096 CJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Telephone number: +31 (0) 6 15 45 64 03

Chamber of Commerce number: 63605066


Through this privacy statement Wundermart simply, accessible and understandable informs you about the processing of your personal data.

Wundermart ensures that personal data is only collected and processed for predetermined, explicitly described and justified purposes. Personal data is not used for a purpose other than that for which it was collected and is only processed with a legitimate basis.

Wundermart strives for minimal data processing and therefore only processes personal data that are at least necessary for the purpose for which they are collected.

Wundermart does not store personal data for longer than is strictly necessary for processing.

Wundermart handles personal data with care, treats it confidentially and ensures proper protection of personal data.

When reaching the goal, Wundermart opts for the method that least infringes the privacy of the person concerned.

Wundermart ensures that the violation of the interests of the data subject is not disproportionate in relation to the purpose to be served with the processing of personal data.

Purposes and basis of the processing

Wundermart collects and processes personal data for the following purposes:

01. For the processing of PIN payments

For the processing of your PIN payments at Wundermart, Wundermart collects the following personal data from you: bank and / or credit card details, payment details (amount, time, location, relevant store where the payment takes place). This data is collected in order to correctly execute the agreement regarding the PIN payment. Your card details will be forwarded to your bank immediately after reading the PIN terminal.

Retention period: The personal data collected is not stored by Wundermart for longer than is strictly necessary. If there are legal obligations on Wundermart to keep your payment details longer, then the legal deadlines are observed.

02. For handling questions and complaints

Wundermart attaches great importance to the correct handling of any questions or complaints and the improvement of its products or services. If you have a question or complaint regarding a Wundermart product or service, then contact us by completing the contact form or sending an email to To be able to handle the question or complaint, we collect your name, e-mail address and / or telephone number.

Retention period: Personal data that we need for the correct handling of any questions or complaints will be deleted immediately after the complaint or comment has been satisfactorily resolved. For critical complaints we use a retention period of 2 years. We want to prevent a similar complaints from occurring again and are therefore forced to keep your personal data for longer. With a critical complaint you can, for example, think of a complaint about the use of a certain product with a health risk or an incorrect product description. If there are legal obligations on Wundermart to keep your data longer than described here, it will be stored during the legal retention period. Data can also be stored for longer than the aforementioned retention periods if these are required in the context of an investigation or legal proceedings.

03. To protect unmanned Wundermart’s

Wundermart uses camera surveillance on the shop floor. Wundermart does this to protect you and her property and to protect her customers and suppliers. Wundermart also wants to prevent or detect criminal offenses or unlawful behavior with camera surveillance. Wundermart has a legitimate interest here as it wants to provide a safe and protected environment for anyone visiting Wundermart.

Retention period: Camera images are stored in the system by Wundermart for 7 days and are then automatically overwritten. If a (possible) incident has occurred, the images can be stored for longer than 7 days. The images are then stored for as long as necessary to resolve the (possible) incident.

04. For (personal) marketing purposes

When registering for the digital newsletter, Wundermart asks for your email address. With your permission, Wundermart uses your email address to periodically send newsletters containing information about products, promotions, new locations and developments from Wundermart.

Retention period: email addresses collected for sending the newsletter are retained for as long as necessary to reach the goal. Or, if you indicate that you no longer wish to receive a newsletter, your email address will be deleted from the file immediately.

05. For comfortable use of the Wundermart website

For a comfortable use of our website we use so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of your internet browser and on your own computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device when you visit our website. The cookie stores information that arises during each time in connection with the specific use of the end device. However, that does not mean that we can identify you immediately.

Retention period: In general, placed cookies are not stored any longer than until when you close your browser. Certain cookies remain stored for a longer period of time. However, you can delete placed cookies by removing them from your browser.

Who receives your data?

Wundermart handles your personal data with the utmost care and does everything possible to process your data securely. Any data breaches are, if necessary, reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and to those involved whose personal data may have been compromised. In the event of a data breach, Wundermart always takes appropriate measures to guarantee the reliability of the website and to minimize its impact on those involved.

Your rights

To guarantee your privacy you have a number of rights which are briefly explained below. For a more detailed explanation, Wundermart recommends that you consult the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can exercise the rights below by contacting Wundermart at

01. Right of inspection

You have the right to view all personal data that Wundermart processes about you.

02. Right to rectification

If it appears that the personal data that Wundermart processes about you is incorrect or incomplete, you can request Wundermart to adjust or supplement the data.

03. Right to be forgotten

You can submit a request to Wundermart to completely delete your personal data. Wundermart always first checks whether it is obliged to do so. In some cases, Wundermart is forced to keep your data.

04. Right to processing limitation

The limitation of processing means that Wundermart temporarily stops processing your personal data.

05. Right to object

You can object to the following processing: (i)direct marketing, (ii) processing based on Wundermart’s legitimate interest and (iii) processing for scientific or historical research or statistical purposes. If you object to direct marketing, Wundermart will immediately stop processing this personal data.

06. Right to data transferability

If your personal data is processed by Wundermart in an automated manner, you have provided Wundermart with the data and you already have permission for this, or Wundermart processes this data for the execution of the agreement, you can request Wundermart to transfer this data to you . You can also request Wundermart to transfer this data directly to another party.

07. Right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority

If you believe that your personal data is used incorrectly, has been obtained or has been stored incorrectly, and despite repeated requests it is not possible to delete your data, you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority at any time.

External parties

To ensure that the agreement runs smoothly, Wundermart uses a number of external parties that may also gain insight into your personal data. In any case, they will store the data for as long as this is necessary for the execution of their work. Under no circumstances will the personal data be used for purposes other than the work for Wundermart, unless the person concerned has explicitly requested permission for this. Processor agreements apply to all external transfers of personal data.

Wundermart uses an external fulfillment party to execute the agreement. Personal data necessary for the execution of the agreement is provided to the fulfillment party. In addition, Wundermart uses a payment provider to collect invoices. Personal data necessary for the collection of payments are provided to the payment provider. Wundermart also uses an external party to process payments and invoices. The accountant receives all personal data that is necessary for doing the accounting. Finally, Wundermart has also concluded a processing agreement with the web hosting party, which will be given access to the mail traffic sent by and to Wundermart.

If you want more information about which external parties are processing your personal data, you can always send an email to

Changes to the privacy statement

The text of the privacy statement can be changed by Wundermart at any time. Wundermart therefore recommends that you regularly consult this web page.

01. A referral is validated when the ‘Friend’ has opened a Wundermart shop that makes turnover and the ‘Referrer’ needs to be registered here. All referrals must be confirmed during the order process to be valid.

02. Referrer needs to be a partner of Wundermart and the referral bonus shall be settled through the shop P&L of the partner. For non partners, the referral bonus shall be settled through wire transfer to referrer.

03. The referral reward is €1000 for euro countries and £1000 for the UK.

04. The bonus will be settled within 3 months after the ‘friends’ Wundermart shops is making revenue.

05. Maximum of 5 referrals per ‘referrer’ or organization connected to the ‘referrer’.

06. Referral bonus may be subject to tax.

07. Referral must be confirmed by referee.

08. Employees and their families are excluded from this programme, unless agreed otherwise.

09. Wundermart is entitled to terminate or amend this programme at any time and for any reason without further notice or communication.

10. For referrers who are a partner of Wundermart, the bonus will be settled through the P&L of the partner. For referrers who are not a partner of Wundermart, the referrer warrants that the acceptance of the referral bonus is (i) not in violation of the gift policy to which the referrer may be subject, and (ii) at arm’s length and permitted by applicable (anti-bribery/corruption) laws.