A smart hotel shop that runs itself. 

A smart hotel shop that runs itself.

Powered by the world’s smartest retail tech platform, these convenience shops give you lots of flexibility. Limitless opening hours, contactless payment and fully autonomous ordering and deliveries.

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How it works

Shop design

Based on key parameters of your hotel our team will design a shop that seamlessly fits your space. Shelves, assortment and pricing are all based on best practice. Designed, produced and delivered in 6 weeks, installed in a day.

An autonomous end-to-end solution

Every transaction in your shop will trigger a set of events that helps our software to run the shop automatically. This significantly reduces the involvement of staff.

A real-time dashboard

All financial data of your shop is logged and visible in real time, anytime, through the shop owner dashboard. Giving you valuable insight into the performance of your shop.

Retail expertise at hand

To maximise the return of your shop, key processes (set pricing, promotions, add on product ranges) are inspired by guest behaviour and shopper data, and managed remotely by our team of retail experts.

Designed to perfection. 

A shop to fit your brand

Our small convenience shops are fit for purpose. Small customisation is possible by changing details in the look and feel, modifying elements of the assortment or adding a fresh food or coffee module. Our formula team is stand by to help you make the right decisions for your shop.


A transparent pricing model

Shop design

We will pass on the costs associated with the design, installation and first stock of your shop.

Shop management

For a fixed fee we will manage your shop. That includes use of our platform and frequent updates, reporting and trouble shooting.

Shop profit

Your shop profit will be included in a P&L and is transferred to you on a monthly basis.

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Turn unused m2 into profit.