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Running a shop can be complex. That's why we've built a smart, simplified, end-to-end solution. So everyone can play shop and succeed!

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How it works

Shop essentials

You only need 2 shop essentials to get started: a self-service kiosk and electronic shelf labels. Add on according to your needs.

One fully integrated platform

Every transaction in your shop will trigger a set of events that helps our software to run the shop automatically.

A real-time dashboard

Your financial data are logged and visible, giving you valuable insight into the performance of your shop(s).

Your shop. Your way.

Want to optimise your shop? You can simply update the product range, pricing and promotions whenever you want.

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Update product range automagically 

Need more help?

You don’t have to be retailer to open a shop. If you have a location, we can help with anything from defining your formula to building your shop.


A monthly fee

We charge 20% of your shop turnover as a fee.

One-off costs

For your shop essentials plus any customisations.

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Design the shop you want.