IWG & Wundermart join forces for more convenience within flex-offices

23 September 2021 – IWG and Wundermart have entered into a first to market partnership to add unmanned convenience stores to various IWG flex-office locations as the demand for hybrid work solutions further increases. Flex-office provider IWG is known in the Netherlands for its brands Regus and Spaces. Together, the partners are taking convenience within flex-offices to an even higher level. The first unmanned and fully automated shops will be opened in Utrecht Regus Business Park and Amstelveen Regus Kronenburg. With the opening of the first two locations, the organisations are implementing the multi-use trend where living, working and shopping increasingly take place in the same building. Customers want convenience at their fingertips, now they can buy daily fresh juices, sandwiches, salads, soups and meals from local suppliers at Regus. This further increases customer satisfaction at the Regus locations.

Grab-and-go supermarket in the office

Wundermart’s technology enables independent grab-and-go supermarkets to be opened in the office, with the entire process of supplying, stocking and paying being automated. Flexworkers are thus provided with the freshest and highest quality products 24/7 at the Regus offices.

Annelou de Groot, Director Development at IWG: “We are delighted to bring a new service to the market to meet the evolving needs of hybrid workers. In Wundermart, we have found the partner who will expand the multifunctionality of our locations even further. The products in the shops are as fresh as can be and, thanks to Wundermart’s technology, an unprecedented level of quality is offered. This is what we stand for at IWG.”

Patrick Dekker, founder Wundermart: “Our ambition is great and we are currently growing exponentially. The partnership with market leader IWG not only offers us growth opportunities in the Netherlands, but also internationally. I look forward to the future and to opening even more unmanned shops at IWG.”