Wundermart for hotels

A Wundermart shop in your hotel is the ultimate answer to today’s guest wants and needs for convenience and control. It’s an unmanned touch-point of service that is always on. Besides, it is easy, fast and offers your guests a lot of choice. What else could you wish for? Not having any hassle and making profit? Here you go, that’s Wundermart.



Guest Experience

This is wundermart

A turnkey autonomous shop concept

Shop configuration
Qualified supplier platform
Formula management

Our Approach

Boosting guest experience

Wundermart enables you to exceed guest expectations by offering a wide range of products at any time of the day. Our unmanned shop concept is intuitive and attentive, making it a seamless experience.

No hassle at all

Because a Wundermart shop is unmanned and core shop processes are autonomous, running your shop is easy and fun. It’s up to you whether you want to be actively involved. Your personal Wundermart portal provides you with real-time insight into the performance of your shop.

Transparant and fair pricing

After deduction of operational costs and our license fee, which is 20% of the turnover, the net result goes back to you. This ensures affordable pricing of products and makes your shop profitable.

On-going support, upgrades and scalability

After opening your shop, we’ll stay closely involved. Our Customer Happiness Team will provide you with on-going support and our Development Team will upgrade your Wunderware continuously. Wundermart shops can be placed anywhere and will help you build consistent branding throughout all of your hotels.


A Wundermart shop is powered by Wunderware, our retail tech platform. It ensures smooth and cost-efficient shop operations from data & inventory management to payments. Ultimately, it connects all parties in our value chain, making core shop processes autonomous.

Hotel medium

One size fits none. That’s why we offer different shop sizes, tailored to your space and needs. Modules can be combined in different configuration to create the ultimate Wundermart shop for your hotel.

Hotel large

One size fits none. That’s why we offer different shop sizes, tailored to your space and needs.

Your choice of materials & colors

All of our modules are carefully designed in either a light or a dark base color. But basically, everything is possible to let your shop blend with the interior design and reflect the brand identity of your hotel. Here are just some examples.

Additional modules

Tosti station

Additional modules

Souvenir station

Additional modules

Tapas station

Additional modules

Pizza station