Wundermart enhances guest satisfaction.

A word from

Pieter Bas Litsenburg of Meininger Hotels & Richard Lee of Hilton Garden Inn

A word from our clients.

With a rapidly expanding footprint all throughout Europe, we’re bringing our service to more and more hotel owners. To see what they think of our shop now it is operational, we caught up with two of them and asked how Wundermart has added value to their business.

Pieter Bas Litsenburg, Regional Director West of Meininger Hotels feels the product is a great addition to the proposition of their hotel. “Wundermart enhances guest experience and adds to the sophisticated self-service culture in our hotels.”, he says, “It also allows us to monitor sales in real-time and provide a hand-picked selection of preferred items for our guests.”

Hand-picked selection of preferred items.

While our shops have got a great self-service aspect to them, they don’t only work in hotels that offer a high level of autonomy to their guests. Recently we opened shop at the Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow Airport. General Manager Richard Lee has been looking for a suitable alternative to his current hotel shop for a while. 

“We upgraded our existing shop to Wundermart to create a more modern and attractive retail experience for our guests”, he explains, “As the shop is self-pay, it takes away lots of transactional tasks from reception which allows our colleagues to spend more time serving guests. This takes a lot of pressure off the team”.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re looking for an innovative solution that reflects well on the image of your hotel, or if you’re simply after a more manageable way of offering a shopping experience, Wundermart does both. It’s a smarter, better, and more profitable way of getting to the result you need.

An innovative solution.

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Wundermart enhances guest satisfaction.

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