Our story

Wundermart is founded by Laurens de Kleine & Patrick Dekker. From the ‘Borrelbox’ to Jutter Speijs that evolved into Wundermart.


We believe that a lot of things are unnecessarily complex. Complexity is often an excuse to keep things as they are. ‘Don’t rock the boat, stay in your lane’. At Wundermart we see things differently. We believe that there’s always a better way. Simpler, seamless, more intuitive and better suited to the wants and needs of the end-user.


By offering a turnkey unmanned shop concept, we put smart tech to work and combine it with human insight. This enables our customers to offer their guests or employees seamless shopping experiences without any hassle.


Today, Wundermart consists of more than 30 entrepreneurial team members who are changing the world of retail with one mission: creating little moments of enjoyment that make each day worthwhile.

This is us

Patrick Dekker

Laurens de Kleine

Jan Willem du Bois

Rody Turpijn

Tryntsje Haga

Wenche Rethans

Maarten van Oostrom

Gerrit Sedlmeier

Pieter Baan

Jurrian Tromp

Bart Koot

Roos van der Struis

Laura van Toledo

Quintin Smits

Maurice Mullens

Martina Bubalo

Tjibbe Bouma

Mylene Klessens

Harris Pheifer

Max Kowalski

Julieta Aicardi

Paulo Antunes

Paulus Gerestein

Nicole dos Santos

Benjamin Oomen

Sako Shimohira