Shops for all

At Wundermart we’ve simplified the dynamics of what makes a shop run successfully. So that anyone can do it. Anytime. Anywhere. We’re on a mission to bring convenience retail back where it belongs, at the heart of communities. From hotel lobbies to co-working spaces, we will go wherever people travel, live or work. The future of physical retail is bright and exciting. So get in touch and join our movement for better retail.

How we came to be

With a relentless drive to never settle for a status quo, we have turned the world of convenience retail on its head. Our small physical shops can generate a healthy profit in places where this was deemed impossible. They are fully data-driven and effectively run themselves. Our solution is already in place in many leading hotels and innovative co-working office spaces in Europe. But we are a technology company with a mission. By focusing on building a platform solution for anyone that wants to play shop, our aim is to empower aspiring and innovative retailers to bring their goods to where their customers are. Located in Amsterdam, Wundermart now consists of more than 50 entrepreneurial team members.

What we do

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