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At Wundermart we’ve simplified the dynamics of what makes a shop run successfully. So that anyone can do it. Anytime. Anywhere. We’re excited to see what new ideas, concepts and shops this will bring! From unmanned 24/7 food markets in your hotel lobby to a network of vegan deli’s...or perhaps a shared neighbourhood shop? We’d love to hear what you’ve got in store for Wundermart!

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How we came to be

From launching unmanned shops in hotels and offices, we have evolved into a technology company with a mission. By focusing on building a platform solution for anyone that wants to play shop, we empower aspiring and innovative retailers to bring their goods to where their customers are. Located in Amsterdam, Wundermart now consists of more than 50 entrepreneurial team members.

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‘Wunder’ is the term that captures our mentality.

The ability to see new possibilities. The drive to make something happen that evokes a sense of wonder. Does this sound like you? Join us!

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